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2022 software defined baseball season

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2022-04-16: The great weird idea is to put together a guide for KiwiSDR and WebSDR listeners for tuning into remote baseball games. SDRs come and go, so any guide that is too specific about exact IP addresses is probably a bad idea. However, I should be able to map AM frequencies to grid squares, and leave it up to you to tune the receiver in that particular grid (or nearby) to that frequency.

Your reception reports are welcomed.

As an example: on a good night in EN82, I can pick up the following teams and stations (and more):

  • EN82 DET 1050
  • EN82 CHC 670
  • EN82 CHW 1000

The Dodgers have an affiliate in Hawaii, KIKI; their flagship station in Los Angeles is KLAC.

  • BL10 LAD 990
  • DN04 LAD 570

There's a KiwiSDR in EN61 with excellent Chicago and good Milwaukee coverage.

  • EN61 CHC 670
  • EN61 CHW 1000
  • EN61 MIL 720

To get a full database is a whole lot of work (!) so I don't pretend that I'll get everything, but I would like to listen to every team at least once. The hardest ones in general from past seasons are the San Diego Padres and the Toronto Blue Jays. Easy are the Detroit Tigers (which I can pick up on local broadcasts on AM and FM with barely any antenna) and the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox (easy at night from here over the air on AM, and several good Chicagoland SDRs).