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VOTL Voice of the Lutefisk

Hearing Ball Smacker loud here in MN. 20 to 30 over 9.....
ID at 0350 UTC 4/8/22

Ed Vielmetti

Thanks VOTL!

Reception S9 into KiwiSDR K9MQ, Chicagoland / northwest Indiana.

I tried to get my new Youloop / Airspy HF+ / SDRPlusPlus / Android phone combo running to tune this in, but by the time I had the software dialed in the transmission had ended. Still figuring out a few things, which I will write up in due course.

Richard Wagner

Reception fair to poor. But listen for one hour. Lots of fading. RSP Dx SDR 100 foot longwire.I live in the NE suburbs of Chicago, IL .

Brian Sarkisian

Just found Ball Smacker radio this evening. At the moment they have a nice 20 over S9 signal
into S.E. lower Michigan. Listening in on an IC-7610.

They are accepting reception reports to: [email protected]

This reminds me of the good old SWLing days.

Brian, KG8CO

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