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28 August 2008


alejandro garza

As I understand it, Ubiquity is javascript creating/getting JSON from other services?

How about a z39.50<->JSON gateway? You give that gateway a restful query and info about the library catalog, and it spits back nice XML, serialized PHP or JSON.

I know, it's not REST or anything =)


I have an idea. How about we pour millions into R&D, hire a bunch of brilliant, highly motivated, well paid, usability people, and then give them 20% project time to work on their own ideas? Then we can start selling advertising in catalog search results. Oh heck, we can sell advertising on the whole library web presence! Of course, we'll need to spin off a commercial arm, but that's where the money is and we'll need that money to pay designers and developers! Screw you Cataloging and Circulation and ..., well, all of the departments that won't be funded anymore. All hail Academic Libraries, Inc!


As Alejandro says, z39 -> json can work pretty well. I've used that to implement search suggestions in a firefox search plugin using php/yaz:


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