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07 July 2006


Ed Vielmetti

A Chris Cobb interview on McSweeney's is here: http://www.mcsweeneys.net/links/events/chriscobb2.html

Jeff Donlan

We did this with our New Book Shelves in January 2005. The staff had great fun doing it, with discussions about color and what to do with multicolored spines. But we kept it up for just one day. Most people didn't notice, and some that did were annoyed by the arrangement -- about 1 in 10, we estimated. Some patrons did love it. One said she never would have found one book she enjoyed except that it was in the White section that had caught her eye. Oh, the challenges of library marketing.

Dave Pattern

Hi Ed

Huddersfield Public Library has a nice "serendipity" section:



A friendlier way to organize books? What if a catalog said "look in the red section under A" instead of "105.9 Ad"?


To answer my own question: people with red-green color problems would be out of luck.

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