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22 March 2006



Thanks for the kind words about the screen saver, Ed.

You can read about the Screen Saver here, or you can just download it directly. Hmm. that page is getting pretty crowded. I should really get a real blog going...

I tried exporting a quicktime version, but it didn't pull the images with it, so I'm going to have to find a better way to capture video of a application window in OS X.

As for Quartz Composer, it's great for manipulating images and doing general data display, but not so great for dynamic data retrival. My next step is trying to integrate a Quartz Composition into an XCode app. The XCode app would pull and format the data and just use QC to display it.


P.S. Extra geek points to anyone who can identify the application which influenced the overall look. =)


Wow, 3 comments in row. That's bad karma, right?

Just wanted to let you know I captured some videos of the screen saver in mp4 format.

Movie #1 - Welcome Screen (mp4)
Movie #2 - Book Display (mp4)

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