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05 December 2007


Peter Murray

Thanks, Ed. Down south here we've got a task force that was looking at library services on portable devices. Your posting is a great summary of the issues and some findings.

Edward Vielmetti

Thanks Peter. There's some part of this which I haven't completely understood yet, because what I need to do is wander around in a big space with my handheld as my guide (and enumerate the things I'd need to do and which things I don't need to do with it).

A piece of this that I didn't talk about at all but that could be awesome if someone did it was to use the color screen on a portable device to show book cover images - that could actually be useful to help you pick a book off the shelf if you could see what it looked like or even that it was green or orange. But I'd have to tell a whole use case story around that feature and I don't have it.

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