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02 May 2007



Looks like some great ideas, Ed.

My only suggestion would be to stress that they let the library know somehow that they're doing the things that aren't explicit interactions (e.g. blogging, remixing), with tagging, chatting or emailing someone at the library. They may be able to incorporate your ideas into something that improves the system for everyone.


This is a good list. But then again, I would think so since I do 8 of the 10 just about everyday!


Aaron the Librarian

Ditto ejk.

I'm happy to point people toward user created tools; heck, I point interested, like-minded students to Library Thing and Superpatron (among others) as often as I can.


I'd suggest that superpatrons tell their libraries about their own book discussion groups and what their groups are reading. The library will want to know what their patrons are interested in and may have some way of providing the group with books.


Hey! My library is doing a marketing campaing right now where we are encouraging library patrons to have the library's phone number programmed into their cell phone.

Our key message is: Information is never more thatn a phone call away.

I think that people still have the perception that they are "bothering" the librarians by asking questions. We're working to change that perception here in Carol Stream!


I really like all your comments and am very interested in the connecting to Amazon one. Can you provide me with more information on how to do that? Thanks!


I would tell my audience if they want to be a superpatron they need to know their city council person or local elected government official and then let that person know how important the library is to them. Yes all the tech ideas are good, but you need money to stay open and local government needs to hear that the library is valuable to them. Constantly and consistently.
How about have the government official on instant message!

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