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13 June 2006



Hi Ed,

I'm a librarian up in Canada (though I used to work in Texas) and I love both your blog and your Assistive Media site. MFPOW in Texas probably wouldn't have been able to do too much with your site other than link to it because we were small and didn't have much of an outreach program.

However, the Outreach Services librarian at my current place of work also loves your site and is doing a lot to promote it to her patrons who have visual reading impairments.

So... I would say that some traditional libraries may not be able to get the word out - but ones that have outreach services can certainly do so! Good luck with your project.


I've forwarded your site to our Center for Adaptive Technology. Besides being a resource for students with various impairments on campus, they also train teachers who will be working with disabled students. Getting on the resource lists for those teaching the teachers could be an excellent way of promoting your site. Good luck!

Rolf - Audio Books Fan

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Feel free to offer this to your visitors too:

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