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19 May 2006


Bruce Jensen

Ed, did your friend simply want the pilot's name? Looking to confirm that he'd really seen such an obit? Or was he seeking certain details about Mr. Guthrie's life? The free Web right here satisfies those first two needs but, yeah, comes up short on the third (though it did serve me up the delightful surprise that the pilot's daughter is the famed auto racing pioneer Janet Guthrie).
A big fan of yours,

Bruce Jensen

Apologies--"here" is here


I agree that we are a place to go after the google search has failed. Even so, sometimes it's still surprising how much more efficient I can be with google than the average patron. That's not a reflection on them, but on librarians. I do this stuff ALL DAY LONG.

But I also think we can't stop there. Our relationship with the patrons has to be more than the place to go when google has failed them.

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