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05 May 2006



LibraryCamp got me thinking about a similar problem that I have--keeping track of the many, many books that I want to read, but only a few at a time. I started a prototype of a Netflix-style queue for books that you can use Library-Lookup style to place a hold when you're ready. (That doesn't really solve the problem for books that aren't immediately available, though. Being on a long waitlist and then ending up with too many books at the same time sucks, and there's really no way to fix it except from within the library.)


Tooting our horn, and I apologize in advance. I read your blog quite regularly, and wanted to comment today. AquaBrowser Library OPAC offers RSS fees on items. This means the status and even the search itself will show up in your feed reader. This means you can not only keep track of things you are waiting for, but you'll know when the library gets new titles you are interested in. Perhaps this could assist in the problem of getting too many 'holds' showing up at one time?

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