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05 May 2006



Just to clarify on a couple of things...

"My friend was dreaming of a tool that would enable patrons to purchase books for the library that they wanted the library to have"

-- The system would also provide the patrons with a list of what the library actually needed. Imagine the needs as bubbles and the purchases poking said bubbles out of the sky. As one patron purchased a book - or as the library purchased a book - that particular purchase option would disappear -- or "burst."

The comment on avoiding another interaction should be taken in the context of this patrons disappointment. We want to increase interactions AND convenience as a part of our overall service.

My closing statement reads as being just a teensy bit pessimistic. Perhaps because of the scale of the project. But what if you narrowed it down to an upcoming Hot Buys category -- and offered a name inscription on the book? Couple that with an Amazon partnership and get a cut of the sales?

In the end -- it's all about getting the patrons engaged and involved.

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