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05 May 2006


Will Jaynes

Oh, Ed. That page doesn't work in Firefox. What's up with that?

Ed Vielmetti

Will, what version of Firefox are you using? I loaded it OK on Mac and Win XP with 1.5.

(It was much faster from the U that from home.)


Worked after I whitelisted the page in Adblock...

Will Jaynes

OK. My problem was the ad blocking stuff I put into Firefox's userContent.css file. It must be all the iframes the page uses.


I'm creating a site for parents to find things to do with their kids. I'd love to include instructions for parents on what to download to see what's available at local libraries. Can anyone point me to simple instructions that I can link to? Is there a list posted somewhere of libary collections that are compatible with the app? Thanks!

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