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04 February 2006



Awesome! This thing has been rattling around in my head for months now, I tell you about it and I am freed from my demons the very next morning! Thanks Ed! (The exclamation marks are for excitement!!!!)


Thanks again Ed! I was tinkering with this idea, and even tried a few, but with no luck. You truly are the superpatron!

Edward Vielmetti

I think the script could be better - it only does its stuff on the view of a single book page, and it really should give you a full page of holdings listings on the search results page. Not for tonight though.

Edward Vielmetti

First port I've seen in the wild goes to Alejandro at the Tec de Monterey library - details here: http://biblioteca.itesm.mx/blog/?p=67


Alejandro here. Thanks for the link! The adapted script had to deal with the OPAC status messages in spanish (no big deal); the problem now is that since our OPAC houses the collections of 34+ libraries, it would be much more useful if the link inside Google Books told you if it's available inmediately, or that you have to request it from a sister library...

Richard Stiennon

I love it.

Tom Mandel

This is why God invented geeks.


Thank you so much for this! One of our other librarians showed this to me, and I've adapted it for our library. It's wonderful!!!!

L**kup Now

Very Infomrative site, found it quite educational. I'll definately bookmark this.

Ed Vielmetti

I am suspicious that this has stopped working for Firefox 3.x; the next task I think is to re-release it, and use the opportunity to splice in the pictures of books on the myaccounts page described at


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