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12 January 2006



Hi Ed! You rule, but you already knew that. I've stolen your script and modified it to work with our (SJCPL) catalog. Do you mind if I put it out there? I've left the superpatron url in. :)


and now i show my excitment at new shiny things. I re-read through your post. I know you say not to start with your code, but it's so good! and I'm pretty new at this greasemonkey stuff. anyhoo, thanks again for posting this!

Edward Vielmetti

Maire, absolutely, put it out there to use. Jon Udell gets the original idea and code credit.

You might want to register your copy of it at http://userscripts.org (free) which puts it somewhere people can find it who would be looking.



Thanks Ed! I'm making a userscripts account now.

Carrick Mundell

Jon is mostly correct. I derived my code from a script I found at snarfed.com, which I mention and link to in my original post about the script. Jon's script was the inspiration and basis for the script at snarfed.com.

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