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28 December 2005


Patricia Uttaro

What a fabulous thing you have begun! I very much hope that there are more folks like you out there who will lend your enthusiasm and expertise to our libraries. I just sent your url to my own "SuperPatron" in Spencerport NY. She is a member of the library board for the Ogden Farmers' Library and is also our technical guru. I hope she visits! I've added you to my bloglines feeds, so I'm looking forward to some good conversation and sharing.


What a wonderful idea this is! I hope you'll consider expanding it to message boards or the like -- a group of SuperPatrons would be an invaluable resource for librarians and library sysadmins.


Ed, this is great.

Plus, I think I coined a phrase!


Hi! I found your blog through the shifted librarian ... I love it!

I'm on a committee for my university's library (I'm an alumna, not a current student) and will be sending this to some folks there, too.

Edward Vielmetti

* Patricia - thanks for your comments. Do introduce me to your superpatron - I'm starting up a little moderated mailing list to go with this blog for the sorts of interactive discussions that aren't really blog fodder.

* Dorothea - I'm hoping that getting a patrons group together will be a big plus for libraries. I think if I do it right it will be a catalyst for sharing innovations.

* Eli, yup, it was your phrase. Of the 500+ uses of the word on Google I was able to find, most are in French, with one exception, this quote from CIO Magazine from 2001:

IF ANYONE IS A SUPERPATRON of that giant library called the Internet, it's me. What heaven! A global library that never closes!

* Erin: Welcome!

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