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30 December 2005


Edward Vielmetti

Om Jorunn calls this a "bibliotekhack" at http://andedam.org/2005/12/31/mer-hacking/ .

(Sorry, I don't understand the rest, for lack of translation tools.)

Tim Rogers

Great stuff!!! ... Love what AADL does ... I absolutely love the idea of giving patrons the ability to use whatever tools makes sense them and expand their abilities to change their lives ... keep doing it ... you folks are inspirations for all of us! Say "hi" to John for me ...


Ed, I would *totally* like to steal this idea for use on our site.

Maybe even make something like a coverpop for it...



Patricia Uttaro

Very, very smooth. Your blog is fast becoming a daily read for me. Your ideas are wonderful! Can I ask...what ILS is Ann Arbor using?

Edward Vielmetti

ejk: steal away! I put one up on flickr as well with "hot titles", which looked nice too.

Patricia: Ann Arbor is using a heavily customized Drupal front end to an Innovative Interfaces catalog. John Blyberg's blog at http://www.blyberg.net/ has the most ongoing technical details; I don't recall reading a "build notes" style description of all that is involved.

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