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  • Welcome to Electronic Paper. This is a new weblog by Edward Vielmetti to explore some of the ideas behind a stream of news and creativity that come from the collision between the world of computers and the world of paper.

    More and more of our lives - our reading, our writing, our newspapers, our electronic medical records, our voting, our grocery lists and holiday cards and indie zines and baby photos - are starting out electronic and staying electronic. As we rush headlong to digitize I wonder what we are losing in the process. How many people struggle with keeping up with their email when a simple paper postcard once in a while would make more of an impact?

    This blog will be explore the collision of the paper and electronic worlds, where they intersect happily and where they fight madly. I'm turning on a blog search for "electronic and paper" and will comment on what flies past, just to build a baseline. The other thing which I'll try for is a stream of scans of interesting paper artifacts, showing things that were done better (or at least differently) in another era.

    Welcome for the ride! Do you have a paper ticket or an electronic ticket?
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