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Podcasting for the blind

  • Blind Cool Tech
    Blind Cool Tech is a podcast that generally discusses life for an active blind person. Since technology is such an important part of access to entertainment, education, and information, there is much discussion on the topic, but nothing is barred!
  • Blindcast - Marlaina Lieberg
    Blindcast features information on podcasts and internet broadcasts by people who are blind.
  • BlindKiss - Damon
    The antidote to the usual worthy websites about blind people. If you're looking for traditional support or ideas on how to cope with this terrible affliction then, um, this may not be the place for you. We're here to explode some of those media notions that being blind is some kind of living death, a mystical twilight state or a call to bravely climb mountains.
  • Finding Voice, Finding Hearing
    People, finding their voice, and learning how to hear others.
  • Radio Look-up - Bill Sparks
    Comprehensive list of online audio, including a lot of links for the blind.
  • Spoken Alexandria Project
    Creative Commons Audio Books.
  • Whitestick - Tom Lorimer
    Whitestick is set up to assist the Visually Impaired computer user locate information and services relating to blindness.
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